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Market Overview


The past 5 years has seen an unprecedented demand for cyber security professionals. The UK Market for Cyber Security was worth almost £2.8 billion in 2013 with an estimated growth that it will be worth £3.4 billion in 2017.


The Government recognises this and allocated £860 million towards the UK’s national cyber security strategy up to 2016. This strategy is aimed at improving the protection of cyberinfrastructure.


Objective 4; of the UK National Cyber Security Strategy is for the UK to have a cross-cutting knowledge, skills and capabilities it needs to deliver its wider cyber strategy. Through the national cyber security Programme (NSCP), the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS), GCHQ and the Cabinet Office have partnered to lead and support activity to increase skills at all levels of education and amongst the cyber security workforce over the past 2.5 years.


The cyber security market will only become more diverse over the next decade with the introduction of diverse devices that become interconnected and the targets/method of Cyber attacks’ evolve.


In 2015 over 4000 new recruitment businesses registered at Companies House. The demand for talent in cyber security has naturally increased the use of recruitment services which has given rise to the number of companies wishing to compete in the cyber security sector. This includes specialist agencies, executive search, job boards and managed services (RPO) to name a few.


Hiring companies are concerned at not only a shortage of skills in the Cyber Security sector but also the variable quality of Recruitment services available.


Purpose of CERIS


Ultimately CERIS aims to establish and maintain the highest levels of professional conduct, enhance the image and reputation of those conducting Cyber Security employment agency services in the UK.  


CERIS seeks to establish an Association of approved recruiters that are committed to;

  1. Creating a benchmark of quality for recruiters that truly specialise in Cyber Security and its verticals.
  2. Act as a trusted marketplace in which services can be exchanged.
  3. Be the focal point for industry on trends and information relating to the sector.
  4. Provision of services relevant to the sector, such as training, development, education, events etc.
  5. Help grow the market by providing a competitive advantage for its members and customers
  6. Act as the platform which provides real-time access to the cyber security candidate marketplace for industry & government. 


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